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Created in January 2011, in the city of Ouazzane, Ouazzaniyat is a registered non-governmental and for non-profit organization that aims at enabling rural communities who wish, accross the Ouezzane Province, to empower themselves and develop into Learning Communities.
LEARNING is at the basis of any development, be it personal, spiritual, social, financial...

The city of Ouazzane  (57,367 inhabitants) is the main urban center and capital of the Province of Ouazzane. The Province of Ouazzane is a newly created administrative province that is part of the region of Tangiers-Tetouan. It covers an area of 1998.42 km2 and has a population of 296,849 inhabitants (RGPH 2004), mostly rural (239,482 inhabitants). It is located in the north west of the country and lies in the pre-Rif between the plains of the Gharb and the Rif Mountains.

Ouazzaniyat is the feminine plural form of Ouazzani, the inhabitant of Ouazzane. But besides referring to the women and girls of Ouazzane, the word also encompasses with it all the cultural and traditional particularities that you will find in Ouazzane and its region, as the famous Djellaba Ouazzaniya, the olive oil, the leather work, textiles, ceramics … and more.