Ouazzaniyat’s advisors are a dedicated group of people who challenge, guide and energize our work.

  • Farah Cherif D'Ouezzan

    Farah Cherif d’Ouezzan is the founder and Director of the CCCL (Center for Cross Cultural Learning based in Rabat), and Thaqafat, an NGO that aims at developing volunteerism, internships, service learning and summer abroad programs for High School students.  She is an active free-lancer for the Council of Europe Directorate of Youth and Sport as an expert trainer in the field of Intercultural Learning, Human Rights Education, and Youth Participation in Civil Society, Conflict Resolution and trainings for trainers in different fields of non-formal education in three languages (Arabic, French and English). 


  • Jenny Dunlop

    Jenny Dunlop is a co-founder and now the national coordinator of Mothers for All in Botswana.  She was born in Kenya, lived in Zimbabwe and travelled extensively around the world.
    Jenny is an experienced (18 years) high school teacher, specifically English language, literature and Geography. She is Co-author of two English language textbooks and is involved in link projects with schools in Botswana and UK.  She is passionate about Environment and HIV/Aids Awareness.


  • Moustapha Moudden

    Moustapha Moudden graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees de Paris, (France) in 1965. He returned to Morocco and served as Directeur de l’Equipement des Grands Ouvrages Hydrauliques du Royaume du Maroc from 1969 to 1977. He also served as Directeur General de l’Administration de la Formation Professionelle et de la Formation des Cadres (1984-1991).
    Mr. Moudden played an important role in the region of Ouazzane during his mandates as Deputy of the Moqrissat region (1977-1983) and Mayor of Ouazzane (1978-1991).