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Ouazzaniyat believes in systemic change and uses The θ-System to educate on the power of functional connections within an eco-system. 
The θ-System is comprised of five interconnected key elements:
-The Community:
The primary stakeholders, they benefit and give through a Community Cooperative.  
-The Learning Center:
Ouazzaniyat believes that learning is the basis of any phase of development, be it personal, physical, social, spiritual or socio-economical.
-The Land: 
A piece of land around the center acts as a demonstration site, to learn how to reconnect with the environment (using Permaculture principles), and to appreciate the critical role it plays in a sustainable system.
-The Voluntourists:
They engage in learning with the local community through cross-cultural interaction and shared experiences.
-The Organization:
Ouazzaniyat works to enable, support, and oversee the connections between the Community, the Learning Center, the Voluntourists and the Land, forming the fifth element of The θ-System.

This is a pilot project that we aim to replicate in many villages accross the Province of Ouezzane.